Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mental Forms

Humans model their parents and other social beings into the perfect form for that slot. We all may come out modeling our father on 'the father', expecting him to be that image, and negotiating the differences between that image and the likeness we perceive and experience. These negotiations are destabilizations, and can affect our ideal form, or our perception of the person, or our perception of the kinds of actions that the person does. We then sometimes transfer those assumptions about actions performed onto other people who do those actions.

It may be a good choice to stop trying to place flawed people into perfect forms. Most people do not have perfectly formed mothers and fathers, sisters, coworkers and bosses. Begin rejecting the portions of others that are imperfect, rather than negotiating them to perfection.

If others do not know how to behave, let that be a piece of knowledge in itself. "Son: This man is not a perfect father form. I don't need to model myself after him nor do I need to respect him as though he were. I will continue to model myself after the perfect father form as I want to be and work with this man to the extent that is appropriate."

So the chair. If your chair is not perfect, do not approach it as such. You do not have a problem recognizing that your chair is imperfect. But we do have emotional attachments to humans, and sometimes to special chairs that make us want to work with those humans and chairs to make them better. Some chairs we should throw. Some we should take artistic advisory from for new chairs. Some are good.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Theta Waves

This video produces 495hz in one ear and 505hz in the other. the difference between them is 10hz, which is stacked mathematically in the brain, as we record in hz frequency all information and data in our brains via the wet computer system. A wet computer uses vibrations trapped in liquid to store and use information, with an infinitely mandelbroting or other spiraling shape [dna] to store ever more and ever denser information at various levels of resolution, which can be unfolded like scrolls. This is also how your data and her data are combined into a new vibration life form, which is trapped inside a human body/wet computer when you have sex.

It is to some degree how long a piece of data remains distinct to itself [11111111...] before dissolving from itself into a ratio. God broadcasts in 0Hz. God is infinite 1. That is infinite truth, infinite resolution and complexity, and a perfect and forever tuning fork of all things.

Eventually these hz frequency recordings add up into more complex layers which will cascade over themselves, or automatically coil, into meaningful and sealed maths. OMFG that is the 7 seals on those scrolls Jesus was talking about in Revelations.

Someday we may return to stably rotating hz frequencies which will seemingly be our heaven. until that day, and maybe also sometime after, we will be undulating and organizing math, which is as real as the thoughts in your head, as real as any topic you could think of, into our own personal realties relative to all math and existance based on the truths we have collected and agreed to long ago and will someday discover or decide to change. Heavy, layered math, deep scrolls rolled up and unchangeable without opening them in a new state of intent and decree.

These are the theta maths, of the brain. Changing them is what I do, frankly, and by knowing the math and setting it straight, you can change the makeup of the world. Also, nothing untrue will remain, as it is curled up around nothing, with no authority, and it will flop out in a mandelbrot, revealing the real truth.

Monday, August 13, 2007

According to a magazine, computer monitors simulate the sun to a degree sufficient to keep the brain awake thinking it is daytime. This could easily be a computer-addictive trait.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I believe a neuron functions as either active or inactive by which part of the neuron it carries the pulse signal down. If it carries it around the outside of the arm/dendrite, it is merely passing along information without adding to it. But if it forms a circuit with other cells with energy passing through areas inside the dendrite, stored hz frequency information from the neuron is being added to the chain to produce a unique property of the thought.

Nuerons also store information by taking in sense data or conclusions and adding them on to a neural network / field of thought. These experiences are stored based on the hz frequency and chain associations they produce, which are relative articulations between 0 and 1, which we begin with. This frequency data is likely stored looping in the cytoplasm, or solidified as DNA 'songbooks'.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Good and evil are the functions of the entrainment principle.

Yellow is ~28-33%hz, and blue is ~66-72% hz. Ye wants to become 0, and blue wants to become 1.

The force of a yellow wanting to become 0 is a destruction. It also wants others to become like itself to excuse itself, which will also then become 0. A blue wants to become 1, and 1 is fantastic. These are the battling forces of good and evil, and their homes.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

You build your own body with your subconscious mind.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I believe that hermaphordism is a multiple expression of the white/red association. It could probably show up as doubles of the same charge for either gender, which would not particularly express wrongfully and probably be translated into amperage or exuberance instead of additional ohmed 0/1/0/1/0/1.

This can often cascade back and forth between the two numerous times, while only two expressions are possible, giving numerous 'go' codons for each segment, overriding 'no' codons, if they exist.

A 'stop' cascade, or an absorption amperage system so the activation amperage sticks to one codon or the other instead of resonating between them could work. The cascade may be efforting to have one equal the other, and in ways they both express, but are not equal to one another.

This can be very sexually confusing for an experiencer. Having both poles to examine, they may both seem disproportionate, and make selecting behavior difficult, from the self and for others.